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One Platform. Many Creators.

Tap into the power of collective content


Source Content

Onboard Creators

Invite new content creators and collect submissions from the web or iOS app.

Collect Submissions

Source blogs, social posts, and videos to expand content reach and diversity.

Draft, Review, Approve

Maintain control of approvals, edits, and publishing with Creator permissions.

Automate Publishing

Connect Accounts

Connect your social accounts to schedule and publish new content.

Create Campaigns

Multiple workspaces to manage topics, users, and social profiles. 

Schedule Posts

Post at the best time with machine learning recommendation algorithms. 

Measure Impact

Content Analytics

Measure growth impact of strategy, topics, creators, and social channels.

Real-time Trends

Generate timely and relevant content with real-time topic and hashtag trends.

Tracking URLs

Automatically capture and process data with the custom URL shortener.

Simple. Innovative. Cohesive.

Publishing Automation

After creating your content simply pick the day and time you would like to publish it and let Mobibi do the rest.

Advocate Campaigns

Track, manage, and optimize advocate campaigns with an easy-to-follow and seamless workflow.

Audience Insights

Create data-rich audience insight reports that expand your understanding of consumer behavior.

Team and Individual Reporting

Improve productivity and gain insight into your team’s and each individual’s overall progress.

Campaign Management

Plan and execute marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness in meeting objectives.

Draft, Review, Approve

Ensure that each stage in the content creation process flows smoothly into the next without skipping any steps.

Sentiment Analysis

Find out what content is working and how your customers are responding to your campaigns.

Publishing Time Optmization

Optimize your strategy by knowing the best times to post to maximize follower engagement.

Connect Your Accounts

Mobibi connects to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and WordPress. 

Performance Reporting

Overcome the constant challenge of collecting useful data by accessing performance reports.

Trending Hashtags

Listen in on the conversation and understand where you can contribute and add value.

Custom Content Calendars

Visualize how your content is distributed on a shareable resource that teams can use to plan all content activity.

Social Messaging

Unify your social channels into a single stream to monitor and quickly respond to messages.

Custom URL Shortener

Track source traffic and create a variety of short links using different UTM parameters.

iOS App

Download the Mobibi iOS App and manage campaigns, teams, and content on your mobile device.

Google Chrome Browser Extension

Save and queue articles on your Mobibi account as you search for and view articles on your browser.

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