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Meet your marketing co-pilot.

Mobibi makes it easy to generate demand that is targeted, relevant, and optimized for your audience.

Generative A.I. for Marketers

Scale content, streamline processes, and uncover new opportunities for growth. Mobibi is an innovative start-up offering generative AI solutions designed to meet the unique business needs of marketers.

Marketing Platform

Create content that is not only engaging and relevant but also adheres to the highest standards of quality. Mobibi ensures the content is grammatically correct, contextually accurate, and in line with your brand voice and style.

Core Features

GPT-4 AI Engine

Our most advanced AI Model, perfect for complex requests and detailed instructions.

Content Library

Manage content by saving AI Results to a shared library. Organize by text, image, or chat.

Prompt Automation

If the AI Engine is busy, Mobibi will continue the request and notify when available.

Blog Posts

Generate long-form blog posts by entering the ideal title and related subtopics.

Social Content

Generate social media copy by describing what the post is about and selecting the tone of voice. 

AI Image Generation

Create new marketing assets by requesting images from keywords or a text description.

Google Ads

Generate Google Ads by entering the URL of your products. Get headlines and descriptions.

Marketing Emails

Generate high converting marketing emails from your product page or website URL.

Landing Pages

Create new landing page content quickly and efficiently by simply entering a URL.

Your first draft with just a few clicks

We want to make it easy for everyone to create high-quality content because we know that’s what everyone wants.

If you’re looking for ways to do more with less time, Mobibi is just what you need.